Huangshi Shenghong Mould Co.

Founded in 2020, Huangshi Shenghong Mould Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise which is dedicated to the production and processing of mold templates. The company is located in the third workshop sheet metal plant in No. 72, Ha Lu Avenue, Ha Lu District, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, covering an area of 5,000 square meters. Mainly engaged in the custom rolling of Cr12, Cr12mov, 4Cr13, H13, Cr8, SKD11, 6Cr5MnSi, Dc53 and other high-quality mold steel.

The enterprise specializes in production by combining the production of standard parts for moulds, frame manufacturing, heat treatment, surface processing and other production links. Introducing advanced management experience, process technology and advanced equipment of mould steel enterprises at home and abroad, forming the characteristics of mature management, high-quality equipment, advanced technology and strong product competitiveness.
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