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The difference between cr12 die steel and GCR15 die steel

Issuing time:2023-06-25 01:18

GCR15 die steel and CR12MOV die steel difference! First of all, the wear resistance of these: the most first GCr15 die steel wear resistance than Cr12MoV die steel is better, GCr15 die steel is more commonly used high carbon steel chromium 45 steel, because it has a high cutting performance, heat treatment process can be obtained after high and balanced strength, hot work mold steel manufacturers are mainly used in the production and manufacture of gas turbines, motor vehicles, CNC lathes, large tractors, steelmaking equipment Drilling machines and couplings, etc. This depends on the key look at where you use, GCr15 mold steel is relatively speaking is also very expensive, compared to Cr12MOV mold steel cost-effective some, if the wear resistance performance of compressive strength and other areas of high demand or choose Gcr15 mold steel good, the higher the chromium composition, the higher the strength can be obtained, the lower the solution temperature.


When applying steel foundation pier molds, hot work mold steel processing should use ground bolts to put each mold plate together. The total system of steel foundation pier is not only a set of moulds, so it must ensure the consistency of the mould type specification before it can be successfully joined together left and right. When piecing together, there must be no error in each part, otherwise it is very easy to run the paste. Each piece of mold is customized according to the actual new project, but not only for a new project, but also for other new projects.

    Steel structure foundation pier mold production and manufacturing in the more commonly used thick steel plate is thicker, because the cement pier is usually a solid core structure, production and processing of the use of more concrete. Steel structure foundation pier mold internal structure should be added to fill all the concrete. Although similar to the valve well mold foreign model, the outer edge of the electro-welded welding construction steel plate, the beveled surface is smooth and neat, but the valve well mold core mold, forming goods hollow.

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