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What determines the service life of Cr12mov tool steel?

Issuing time:2023-06-25 01:19

The service life of cr8 rolled plate mold steel is determined by which aspects? It is likely that many people for the class of equipment grasp is not a lot, here you have to say can easily give you an analysis, look forward to with the help of this article after the analysis, the guys for the application of die steel life is also a certain understanding it!


What determines the service life of the die steel?

  1. Surface treatment of die steel  The metal surface treatment of die steel p20 ingot is also important. High frequency quenching can enhance the surface layer strength of steel and increase the service life of die casting moulds; electroplating process can be carried out on the mould steel to modify the material, for some plastic parts that must have high brightness and corrosion resistance, the electroplating process can be used to improve and change the characteristics of the steel.

  2. Overall design of the mold shell

The perfect mold design should not only consider the commodity raw material characteristics, shrinkage rate, forming environment temperature, ductility Rashen deformation index, but also need to consider the cooling circulation water path, opening and closing rate. Effective mold design can increase the die casting mold life and ensure the successful manufacturing of the mold. Enhance the high efficiency and reduce the cost fee.

  3. Die steel h13 rolled plate use performance and quality

The fundamental element of the quality of stainless steel plate, the selection of the appropriate mold steel isThe key. For example, injection molding processing raw materials are not the same, matching mold steel raw materials will be different, such as high provisions for polishing and corrosion resistance; generally speaking, the service life of P20 mold steel in about 300,000 yuan, 12738 mold steel 500,000 nothing wrong, H13 mold steel and 12344 mold steel generally in 800,000 - 1 million or more, can be selected according to the specific circumstances. This is also the decision injection mold life The key.

  About the term of the mold steel key or suffer from these three areas of the cause of harm, here to give us the relevant knowledge points after detailed introduction, should also be more and more understand it!

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