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What is the market prospect and development trend of domestic mold steel?

Issuing time:2023-06-25 01:22

As an important industrial material, die steel has an extremely wide range of applications in modern manufacturing. In aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronics, toys, medical devices and many other fields need to use the mold steel. Therefore, the market prospect of die steel is very broad and the development trend is very hot.


Mold steel market prospects:

To super-large die-casting die, for example, China's current annual demand in about 40-50,000 tons, of which cr12mov rolled plate import demand reached more than 5 tons, the rest by domestic enterprises to produce an increasing proportion. Mold steel in the manufacture of important aviation components, automotive parts, 3C electronics, medical devices and other fields need to be applied, the market demand in these areas will drive the development of the mold steel market.

With the increasing demand for product quality, precision and efficiency, the market demand for die steel will also continue to increase. Especially cr12 mold steel is in the field of automotive, 3C electronics, machinery and equipment, with technological progress and industrial modernization level, the technical content and quality requirements of mold steel products will continue to improve, which will greatly promote the development of the mold steel market.

Mold steel development trend:

1. technological innovation: mold industry is a technology-intensive industry, technological innovation is one of the important factors driving the development of the mold steel market. Domestic mold steel manufacturers need to continue to strengthen technological innovation, improve product quality and service life to meet the rapid development of the market needs.

2. High-end: With the rapid development of domestic transportation, automotive, electronics, aviation and other industries, the application field of mold steel is also expanding, and the market demand is increasing. At the same time, with the improvement of people's requirements for product quality, the quality of mold steel, precision, life expectancy and other requirements are also increasing. This requires mold steel companies to continue to promote technological innovation, to the direction of high quality and high performance.

3. Production automation: the production of mold steel from the traditional manual hammering, inefficient automated processing towards semi-automatic and fully automated. These h13 mold steel production technology including break machine tools, high-speed accumulator punch, ultrasonic forming machine, CNC machining center, etc., plays a key role in modern mold manufacturing.

4. Green environmental protection: environmental protection and the use of renewable resources is the current global trend, mold steel due to the huge pressure and heavy load, generally require higher hardness, good corrosion resistance, good toughness and other properties, which also brings a certain amount of pollution for the production of mold steel. Therefore, how to achieve the green production of mold steel is a mold steel companies must face the problem.

In short, at present, the mold industry is still a very broad market. In various fields of industrial manufacturing, the application of mold steel is ubiquitous. At the same time, with the improvement of industrial modernization and continuous innovation of technology, the mold steel market will certainly gain a broader space for development. Therefore, mold steel enterprises should strengthen technology research and development, improve the level of production automation, while focusing on green environmental protection, promote green, high-end, intelligent mold steel production and application, and make greater contributions to the prosperous development of the mold steel market.

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